Friday 9th June 2017

Here are some more pictures from abusy week of learning! The children especially enjoyed their 'Maths Wizardy' activities ran by Year 6, Mrs ferrari and Mrs Hulse. All challenges were carefully planned around EYFS Development Matters for number and shape.


Two chicks hatched today! A fluffy yellow chick, named Tillie, hatched at midnight and the second, a dark brown chick named Twinkydink, made an appearance just in time for the children arriving at school this morning. It has been a very exciting experience for them and we hope to add to the brood in the next coming days. Due to some technical difficulties we have been unable to upload the video clips of the chicks hatching, however please enjoy the photographs below. I would like to thank Mrs. Hulse, Mrs. Mahon and Mr. Little for their support in caring for the eggs and chicks.

Kind Regards

Mrs. Turtle

We provide a safe, accessible, stimulating environment that celebrates our children as individual learners. Our Early years curriculum is driven by our children's interests and needs.  We encourage all pupils to contribute to daily planning sessions and provide them with the inspiration and skills they need to pose questions whichs enable them to further their own learning experiences.

Pupil voice is very powerful and we are keen to promote independence, critical thinking and collaboration.



Our daily routines involve large and small group times, that are matched to the developmental needs of the children.  We have a daily session of adult led maths learning which follows the Maths Mastery approach and a session of Read, Write Inc. to teach phonics, language and literacy. In the afternoon sessions we deliver the Learning Challenge Approach which is directly linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters. This begins with an adult led WOW! moment designed to inspire and ignite the children's interest and imagination.Children also direct their own learning through "Lets Make a Plan" and adult led activities are also available to support children in moving their learning forward. Daily enhancements linked to the topic are made in all areas of continuous provision throughout the setting; indoor and outdoor. Children are to share their outcomes with their peers and think about what parts of their plan worked well and how they can improve and extend this next time.

Introducing the children to the magic of reading is a high priority and to support this we have two interactive strory time opportunities per day linked to that day's learning.

Healthy snacks and drinks are provided as part of our routine.  A free lunch is available for all children under the age of 7.


We are currently working on some exciting developments and opportunities within our large outdoor classroom area. This includes our purpose build learning house carefully stocked with a variety of resources to encourage independent learning and exploration. It also features a projector which enables the children to become fully immersed in role play situations. For example; it is currently a polar explorers station with a realistic view across the Antarctic!

In addition to this the children have access to a large outdoor sand area, story area, vegetable patch, water play, bikes and large scale maths and construction equipment.


Children are observed engaged in their own learning daily. This evidence is collated into a Learning Journey and this is used to document children's progress towards their Early Learning Goals.  Children and their families are encouraged to look at their learning journeys at any time. 

Assessment/observation by adults provides essential information for future planning to ensure children's good progress.  Reports share children's level of development as well as examples of their preferred characteristics of learning.

Parents and Carers   

Parents and Carers are actively encouraged to support and contribute to their child's learning through daily practise of phonic sounds and key words as well as weekly home learning missions based on current learning and any individual challenges needed.  Parents comments/observations are an important part of building an accurate learning journey and are highly valued by staff.

Keep completing  those 'WOW' Books as it enables us to continue to provide opportunities based on individual interests.

If you are excited by our Early Years provision or have any questions, please contact the school office to arrange a visit.

Mrs S Turtle

Reception Class Teacher

Leader of Early Learning



FRIDAY 5th MAY 2017


Here are some more great pictures from this weeks learning...

 As we get very close to our chicks hatching (fingers crossed!) click on the link below to look at each stage of development...


Friday 21st April 2017



What a busy first week back we have had! Please click on the above link for details!

Below I have included more photographs of this weeks learning and a link to a great website called 'Living Eggs' where children can find out more about looking after hens and chicks.


Click here   //

Friday 24th March 2017





Here are some extra pictures of the learning opportunities provided this week. Also, click below for a link to some Read, Write, Inc. information and tutorials which will help you to support your child as they develop their love of reading. //


Friday 17th March 2017



Here are some more pictures from this weeks learning. Please click on the link above for more details.

Looking after our seedlings.

Checking and measuring our turnip seedlings.

Spring flowers dance activity.


Friday 10th March 2017

Here are some extra photographs from this week's learning. As you can see the children had a fantastic time leaarning about planting and growth!


We also read and acted out the story the 'The Enormous Turnip' to support our learning. Click underneath to hear a song based on the story.




What a fantastic week packed with lots of different activities! Below you will find some pictures from our Spring Walk, making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, St David's Day activities and of course World Book Day den and story prop making!

Our reading den, now called 'Donaldson's Den', is a work in progress which will provide an exciting and enjoyable space for the children to devlop their love of reading. Click on the link below to watch Julia Donaldon reading the fantastic 'Stickman'. Can you spot him on the front of our den? //

Reception_Class_19.docx                      Friday 17th February


Have an enjoyable and safe half-term break!

A copy of the class newsletter will be available to view every Friday.


Here are some more pictures from this week's learning...



What an exciting week we've had! We have been exploring the traditional tale, 'The Gingerbread Man' through engaging in a variety of activities and learning opportunities. Please check out the pictures below. Also click on this link // 

to see an animated version of this well-loved tale.