SMSC and British Values



CDEC - UPA Weaverham is proud to be a member of the Cheshire Development Education Centre (CDEC).  CDEC is a local centre that raises the profile of global issues, encouraging positive local action for global change


UNICEF – UPA Weaverham is also looking into the principles and process behind the UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools Award, an award that will recognises how our Academy embed Children’s Human Rights in our ethos and culture, putting the rights of a child at the heart of our practice and to improve well-being and hep all children realise their potential. We hope to embark on this journey very soon.




STAR OF THE WEEK – Each week, our Monday Assembly sets a theme for the children to consider.  These themes vary from week to week and not only consider efforts in classwork, but also key Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural themes, such as looking out for each other,

CHURCHES ASSEMBLY – Every other Wednesday, Rev. Andrew Brown visits the school to take a whole school assembly looking at chapters of the bible that reflect on Personal and Moral development



SCHOOL COUNCIL – Each year, each class elects a member of the School Council using a ‘Free Democratic’ process.  The School Council meet every week to discuss and address issues in the school.  Supported by Mrs Hulse, they meet with the Principal on a frequent basis to share views and draw up plans to “get things done” in and around school.

  Recent actions addressed by the School Council are:     Play and Lunch time arrangements

                                                                                                                Charity Fund Raising inc. Cake Sales

                                                                                                                Comic Relief & Children in Need days


JUNIOR SAFTEY OFFICER – Using the same process as School Council, each year, the Year 5/6 class elects Junior Safety Officers.  Supported by Mrs Winnington, the JSOs work to keep our children safe in and out of school.  They share information from playing safely when out in the community to being seen in the dark.  They organise competitions to raise awareness and give away prizes which promote good practice.

ECO-OFFICERS – Again, using a democratic election, each class elects 2 Eco-Officers.  The Eco-Officers promote recycling and environmental consciousness in school.  They monitor our waste usage, and eco-awareness – including naming and shaming staff that leave their lights on‼

PEER MENTORS – Our Peer Mentors are Volunteers from the Upper Junior Classes.  At Break and lunch time, he children take it on turn to be ‘on duty’ as a friendly face on the playground for children to turn to should they be having any difficulties. 



ELECTION DAY – During the General Elections in May 2015, each class held Mock Election processes – not based on Political Views, but on aspects of life or school at an age appropriate level.  The classes held debates and promotions on their specific area, before holding secret ballots on ballot papers with ballot boxes.

ROYAL BIRTH – The school celebrated the birth of Princess Charlotte in May 2015 in a variety of ways. From timelines of the Royal Family, to Celebratory Cards for the family, each class got involved in a small project with a Royal Focus.