Learning Curriculum Challenge

Here at UPAW, we teach our foundation subjects (Science, history, grogrpahy, art etc) using a cross-curricular approach.  It uses questions to as a key focus to each lesson as well as an overriding question for the term, such as "Why do we like to be beside the sea side?".

In each series of lesson, there will be a key subject at the heart of it, called a Driver, but the teachers carefully plan their topics so that many other subject areas and learning opportunities are tied in.

Below are yearly overviews for the different year groups: 

Year_1_Learning Challenge Curriculum Overview


Year_2_Learning Challenge Curriculum Overview


Key Stage 2_Learning Challenge Curriculum Overview


Because of how we organise our Key Stage 2 classes, each class covers the same topic areas (except for in Science Week).  But the teachers carefully plan together to share ideas and also to make sure that what the Year 6 children are learning is appropriate for Year 6 children and what the Year 3 children learn is appropiate for them.  The work is differentiated across the key stage!