Read Write Inc.

What is Read Write Inc?

Read Write Inc. is a complete Literacy programme taught for 20 - 40 minutes a day in Reception and an hour a day in Year 1 and Year 2. It is proven to develop fluent, enthusiastic and expressive readers; deep comprehension of texts; confident speakers and keen writers. The programme provides teachers with an abundance of high quality resources and engaging texts. Children are taught to:

  • learn to read and write letter-sound correspondences quickly
  • decode effortlessly, spell and handwrite easily
  • comprehend what they read
  • read with fluency and expression
  • write confidently using oral rehearsal using the “say a sentence” and “hold a sentence” strategies.
  • work effectively with a partner to talk-through learning at every step.

Where can I find out more?

Please Click Here for more information from the Ruth Miskin website regarding Read Write Inc.

Please Click Here to view the FREE Oxford Owl E-Books.

Another useful resource is the Sound Pronunciation Guide which you can view by Clicking Here.