Year Four & Five (FA)

Year 4/5 FA



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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory LP2

Our new learning challenge is based on the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Throughout our learning we will be reading the text, completing various writing tasks and even tasting chocolate.

As part of our homework we have made models of Willy Wonka's factory, designed a chocoalte wrapper and made 3D characters.  



Welocme to Year 4/5 FA.  We are friendly class who like to learn in a variety of styles.  Currently our new topic - Marvallous Me! is allowing us to investigate the area we live in and the wider world, to compose a piece of music about our school and how to stay healthy. 


In Science we are investigating space.  Unforutnantly we cannot have a school trip to the International Space Station. As part of this topic we shall be invetsogating the planets of the solar system, night and day and phases of the moon.



The Lone Robot

Year 4/5 FA have constructed a selection of robots from recycled material as part of the Lone Robot project.  In addition to the robots the children have completed a set of instructions to help other pupils to build their own robots.  




What's in the bag?



This is the highlight of the week when the science bags appear on the desk and we are asked what's in the bag.  This week our bags contained pictures of the planets and cards of infprmation.  Through our discussion we learnt that some planets had temperatures below minus four hundred degrees to temperatures aboove boiling point.  To develop our understanding of space exploration we watched a clip produced by NASA explaining how they are discovering information about Mars.








Check out this link with prctical ideas on how to help your child improve their knowledge of numbers