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Year 4/5 FA



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Titanic LP4 and LP5



Our next Learning Challenge is all about the Titanic.  As part of this topic we shall be writing a story, researching about the passengers and finding out if they survived  or not.  We will also become tourist guides based in the city of New York.  Please keep your eye on our class page  and  Facebook as we will be uploading pictures of our work and activities.  








World Book Day Thursday 1st March 2018



As part of World Book Day we will be dressing up as a character from Harry Potter.  






Titanic Models


Have a look at our fantatstic Titanic homework projects.  We have made 3d models of the Titanic and even an iceberg.  Some of us have reseached about the Titanic and produced an information leaflet.  One member of the class even made a Titanic cake.  A few of our amazing projects are shown below. 









Class Assembly


This week we have performed our class assembly to the school and to our family members.  As part of the assembly we shared facts about the Titanic, sang My Heart will Always go on and show cased our homework projects. 






Star Wars LP3


This half term our learning challenge and English lessons are going to be based on Star Wars.  Throughout the topic we shall be reading both fiction and non-fiction text and writing a number of different texts. 


Art Work

As part of our topic we have developed our artistic talent.  We have learnt how to draw a number of the characters.  Below are a few examples of our work.


Our Yoda's 





Our Ewok's







Junk Modelling 

As part of our Exciting Writing Project we designed and made rockets from everday materials.  Following on from this activity we wrote a set of instructions to allow other people to build rockets.














Charlie and the Chocolate Factory LP2

Our new learning challenge is based on the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Throughout our learning we will be reading the text, completing various writing tasks and even tasting chocolate.

As part of our homework we have made models of Willy Wonka's factory, designed a chocoalte wrapper and made 3D characters.  


Local History Day 

On friday we took part in a local history day to investigate the area with live in.  Through the presentation we discovered that Weaverham was mentioned in the Doomsday book, there is Roman road located in the village and upto the 1930's the population was just over 2000.  Did you know the villiage had a range of craftsman such as farrier, saddler, clogmaker.

We discovered the history of some of the buildings in Weaverham.  For example 'The Wheatshef' was built in the 18th centuary, Saint Mary's Church has been built three times in the last 1000 years.  




Christmas Tree Light Turn On

On thursday night a number of pupils wrapped up warm and  took part in the carol service in the village of Weaverham.  We all joined in with a selection of carols included Away in a Manger and  Silent night. At the end of the service the children loudly counted down from ten to zero in order for the lights to be turned on.



 Willy Wonka's Sweets


Having watched a clip of Quentin Blake demonstrating how to draw Willy Wonka we were inspired to draw him in his style.  We have displayed our final version as Willy Wonka sweets.  Its a pitty the are not real as I am sure they would be scrumptious. 



Visit to the Local Pantomine

At the end of term we vsited the local pantaomine - The Wizard of OZ.  This gave us the opportunity to shout as loud as we possible.  In fact if we didint shout 'Its behind you' or 'BOOOOOO' as loud as the characters wanted us we were told off.  




Welocme to Year 4/5 FA.  We are friendly class who like to learn in a variety of styles.  Currently our new topic - Marvallous Me! is allowing us to investigate the area we live in and the wider world, to compose a piece of music about our school and how to stay healthy. 


In Science we are investigating space.  Unforutnantly we cannot have a school trip to the International Space Station. As part of this topic we shall be invetsogating the planets of the solar system, night and day and phases of the moon.



The Lone Robot

Year 4/5 FA have constructed a selection of robots from recycled material as part of the Lone Robot project.  In addition to the robots the children have completed a set of instructions to help other pupils to build their own robots.  




What's in the bag?



This is the highlight of the week when the science bags appear on the desk and we are asked what's in the bag.  This week our bags contained pictures of the planets and cards of infprmation.  Through our discussion we learnt that some planets had temperatures below minus four hundred degrees to temperatures aboove boiling point.  To develop our understanding of space exploration we watched a clip produced by NASA explaining how they are discovering information about Mars.








Check out this link with prctical ideas on how to help your child improve their knowledge of numbers