Year Four & Five (CV)

A huge welcome to Year 4/5 CV!!

My name is Mr Varnom and I am the class teacher. We have had a very successful start back at UPAW and the children have settled into their learning well.  

As you are aware we started the year off with an exciting robot theme!! So, please keep an eye out for our robot exhibition!


This week we have been studying a book called, ‘The Football.’ We have been using our inference and deduction skills to help us understand the text and have also been planning a newspaper report based upon this book.  We have also been looking at what makes a good headline and creating our own to match pictures.


During Maths this week we have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100.  We have also been using the column method to add.  This involved us tackling word problems and spotting mistakes.  In addition to this, we have been exploring methods on how to solve puzzles involving missing digits.

Marvellous Me:

We have started our new whole school topic about Marvellous Me!  We have been using an atlas to locate where we live and have been labelling a map to show where, England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland are and their capital cities.  We then labelled Cheshire, Chester and Weaverham.