Year 5

A huge welcome to Year 5!!


Welcome back!!

I hope that you have all had a fantastic summer holiday and are all now refreshed and ready for the exciting year ahead.

Our first topic this term is about Dinosaurs and I just want to say a great big thank you for all of the awesome homework that the children have been bringing in.  I have made a display in the classroom to showcase their hard work.







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Please ensure that your child comes to school with a water bootle and a hat, as the weather is getting hot now.

This term we are learning about rainforests and Sir David Attenborough!



Welcome back after the Easter break!!

Below is some of our work:


The Royal Wedding is on May 14th, so keep a look out for some of our activities that celebrate this occasion. 

Image result for royal wedding


Our next Learning Challenge is all about the Titanic.  As part of this topic we shall be writing a story, and researching facts about this  marvellous ship.  Please keep a look out for children's work!


Titanic Homework!!


Here is a selection of our fabulous homework projects:


Our new topic for this half term is Star Wars!

The children will be reading and writing a variety of both fiction and non-fiction texts together with designing and making a variety of exciting things!



As part of our Charlie and the Chocolate Topic, the children have been painting huge A2 portraits of the characters from the book in the style of the illustrator, Quinten Blake! 

Keep your eyes peeled on this page for some of the finished artwork!!


Image result for quentin blake characters charlie


Rehearsals are also underway for our Christmas production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:



As part of our Mrvellous Me topic we have been creating our very own Pop Art portraits in the style of Andy Warhol!




In Science we have been grouping invertebrates.






It is important to suport your childs learning in maths. Check out this wesite with ideas to support your chil and their grasp of number . Helping families do maths