Year Three

Welcome to Year 3!

Hope everyone had a lovely half term holiday! This is what Year 3 will be doing during the final stretch leading up to the summer holiday.

Take a look at the current Year Three Newsletter! 

Year 3 Newsletter - Friday 30th June 2017


In Literacy, we will be looking at folktales. The children will be looking at the key features, setting and dramatic language used in folktales. We will also be looking at autobiographies and biographies and making a comparison between the two.


The children have begun to revist measurement and have enjoyed measuring the length of objects and weighing objects using scales. We have also compared length, weight and volume and have begun to look at adding and subtracting these using mental maths and the column method as well. Towards the end of the half term, the children will be looking at statistics and learnwing how to read and interpret charts as well as creating their own.

The topmarks website is a great resource to use to help your child with any aspect of their Maths work:


Over the next half term, we will be looking at how plants grow and what type of climate different fruits need to help them grow. We will also be looking at blossom and why this is important to the growth of some fruits.

Learning Challenge Curriculum

On Tuesday 23rd May 2017, Year 3 visited The World Of Wedgwood, in Stoke on Trent. The children had the opportunity to build on their knowledge of Josiah Wedgwood and to also have a look at some of the famous pottery that he made and designed himself. The children thoroughly enjoyed the trip and we even received a lovely e mail from the staff at the museum:
"I hope that the children enjoyed their visit to the World of Wedgood today. They were a pleasure to have on site and all of the staff involved with their activities commented on how polite and courteous they all were."
It was lovely to have such brilliant feedback and I am so proud of how they behaved and how hard they worked on the day. Have a look at a selection of photos below of our fantastic trip.
This half term, the children will be looking at why Greece is in the news. They have learnt facts about Greece and created a poster to encourage people to visit Greece. We will be looking at the Ancient Greeks and how the Olympic Games helped Greece to become famous!