Year Two

Welcome to Year 2! 


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Year_2_Newsletter - Friday 30th June 2017


Literacy and Language

This week we have learnt a modern fairy tale about a monster who is scared of children! We are currently learning about Beauty and the Beast, and have practised using conjunctions to describe what has happened in the story. Over the coming week, we will explore different characters and settings, and will use these to begin to plan our own fairy tales.



In Maths we have learnt about recognising, finding, naming and writing fractions of shapes. We explored how many different ways we could show halves and quarters in particular shapes. Now we will move on to finding fractions of quantities.                           


Please click here for some fantastic Maths games!



Learning Challenge Curriculum

Our focus during the first week back has been on Spring. We have particularly enjoyed learning the French words for what we see during the spring time, and we worked hard on our pronunciation of them! As part of our French lesson, we drew and labelled pictures, and wrote sentences using our new vocabulary. We hope you'll be able to see our finished pieces on our Spring display!


World Book Day

We shared Katie Morag stories and learnt about life on a remote Scottish island. In    the afternoon, we built our own version of an island holiday cottage by the sea, complete with shells and sand. One of our highlights of the day was creating, in a bottle, what you might find near the coast of a fishing community. Our 'den' photos will follow shortly!