We provide a safe, accessible, stimulating environment that celebrates our children as individual learners. Our Early years curriculum is driven by our children's interests and needs.  We encourage all pupils to contribute to daily planning sessions and provide them with the inspiration and skills they need to pose questions whichs enable them to further their own learning experiences. Pupil voice is very powerful and we are keen to promote independence, critical thinking and collaboration.


Our daily routines involve large and small group times, that are matched to the developmental needs of the children.  We have a daily session of adult led maths learning which follows the Maths Mastery approach and a session of Read, Write Inc. to teach phonics, language and literacy. In the afternoon sessions we deliver the Learning Challenge Approach which is directly linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters. This begins with an adult led WOW! moment designed to inspire and ignite the children's interest and imagination.Children also direct their own learning through "Lets Make a Plan" and adult led activities are also available to support children in moving their learning forward. Daily enhancements linked to the topic are made in all areas of continuous provision throughout the setting; indoor and outdoor. Children are to share their outcomes with their peers and think about what parts of their plan worked well and how they can improve and extend this next time.

Introducing the children to the magic of reading is a high priority and to support this we have two interactive story time opportunities per day linked to that day's learning.

Healthy snacks and drinks are provided as part of our routine.  A free lunch is available for all children under the age of 7.


We are currently working on some exciting developments and opportunities within our large outdoor classroom area. This includes our purpose build learning house carefully stocked with a variety of resources to encourage independent learning and exploration. It also features a projector which enables the children to become fully immersed in role play situations.

In addition to this the children have access to a large outdoor sand area, story area, vegetable patch, water play, bikes and large scale maths and construction equipment.


Children are observed engaged in their own learning daily. This evidence is collated into a Learning Journey and this is used to document children's progress towards their Early Learning Goals. 

Assessment/observation by adults provides essential information for future planning to ensure children's good progress.  Reports share children's level of development as well as examples of their preferred characteristics of learning.

Parents and Carers   

Parents and Carers are actively encouraged to support and contribute to their child's learning through daily practise of phonic sounds and key words. 



Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas break! Welcome to the Spring term.

For our new topic this term we will be learning about animals and life in the polar regions. We have also started to learn more about the weather.

Our regular PE slot is now on Tuesday. The children have enjoyed our first lesson, and are already looking forward to next week's!

Here is a little of what we've been learning so far this term...

Finding out the best loud and quiet sounds different instruments make so we can wake a bear up from hibernation.


Exploring the Investigation Area.

Beginning a polar-themed art project.

Learning new games in PE.





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