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Year 3 & 6 delve deeper into the history of the Titanic - 19/03/2018

The topic for this half term, across the whole school, has been the Titanic. Pupils have been learning all about the ship, the people on board and how it came to sink.

Year 3 pupils are looking at the life and work of Thomas Andrews, the lead designer and architect of the Titanic, they then set to work on designing their very own ship.

Mrs Birch said: “The children really enjoyed designing their own ships. They created some lovely pictures, using water colours and tissue paper.”

James Ashley, a pupil in Year 3 commented: “I learnt a lot about Thomas Andrews this week and enjoyed designing my own boat!”

Meanwhile, Year 6 performed their class assembly, focussing on the reasons behind the sinking of the Titanic, how the disaster happened and the people who survived.

Mrs Ferrari said: “I was impressed that the pupils learned the rap and didn’t need to the words... it was hard!” 

Ryan, in Year 6, said: “I enjoyed being the team captain for the “Whose shoes is whose?” quiz during the assembly.”