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Enterprise Challenge - 13/03/2018

Pupils in Years 4 and 5 were recently set an enterprise challenge by Miss Titterton, Head of School at UPAW, aimed at raising money for the school’s reading area. The school would like to revamp the area for the students and add a selection of new books, and the pupils are really keen to get involved. So, the fund raising challenge was set and in order to make a quick buck, the groups of pupils decided to design and create their own Star Wars themed cupcakes, which could then be sold throughout the school.

By working across a number of subjects, such as Maths and Design Technology, the students were able to use the various skills they had learned to great effect.

Jack, a pupil at UPAW, commented: “We used our maths skills to measure the ingredients before bake the cakes and then decorated them with butter cream and Star Wars characters which you could eat!”

Miss Armstrong, Teacher of Year 4 and 5, said: “The children were excited to accept the challenge and really enjoyed baking and decorating the cakes.”

Sam, also pupil at the Academy, said: “Cakes were scrumptious and delicious!”